Global $bInfo, $bPanic, $bClose, $wood, $food, $gold, $stone, $spam, $fog, $build, $saboteur, $car, $win, $panic $panic=0 AutoItSetOption("SendKeyDelay", 1) AutoItSetOption("SendKeyDownDelay", 1) HotKeySet("{NUMPAD0}","Wood") HotKeySet("{NUMPAD1}","Food") HotKeySet("{NUMPAD2}","Gold") HotKeySet("{NUMPAD3}","Stone") HotKeySet("{NUMPAD4}","Spam") HotKeySet("{NUMPAD5}","Fog") HotKeySet("{NUMPAD6}","Build") HotKeySet("{NUMPAD7}","Saboteur") HotKeySet("{NUMPAD8}","Car") HotKeySet("{NUMPAD9}","Win") HotKeySet("{ESC}","Panic") GUICreate("3ICE's AoKCheater",210,248) $bInfo=GUICtrlCreateButton("info",40,0,130,40,0x0040) GUICtrlSetImage(-1,"shell32.dll",1001) $bPanic=GUICtrlCreateButton("panic",0,0,40,40,0x0040) GUICtrlSetImage(-1,"shell32.dll",200) $bClose=GUICtrlCreateButton("close",170,0,40,40,0x0040) GUICtrlSetImage(-1,"shell32.dll",28) GUICtrlCreateLabel("Num0 = 1000 Wood (Lumberjack)",3,43,204,15,0x1000) GUICtrlCreateLabel("Num1 = 1000 Food (Cheese steak Jimmy's)",3,60,204,15,0x1000) GUICtrlCreateLabel("Num2 = 1000 Gold (Robin Hood)",3,77,204,15,0x1000) GUICtrlCreateLabel("Num3 = 1000 Stone (Rock on)",3,94,204,15,0x1000) GUICtrlCreateLabel("Num4 = Clipboard spam (CTRL+V)",3,111,204,15,0x1000) GUICtrlCreateLabel("Num5 = Reveal Map (marco + polo)",3,128,204,15,0x1000) GUICtrlCreateLabel("Num6 = Instantbuild (Aegis)",3,145,204,15,0x1000) GUICtrlCreateLabel("Num7 = Saboteur (To Smithereens)",3,162,204,15,0x1000) GUICtrlCreateLabel("Num8 = Car (How do you turn this on)",3,179,204,15,0x1000) GUICtrlCreateLabel("Num9 = Win (I r Winner)",3,196,204,15,0x1000) GUICtrlCreateLabel("ESC = Panic Button (Stops all spam)",3,213,204,15,0x1000) GUICtrlCreateLabel("ESC again = Info (Writes help into chat)",3,230,204,15,0x1000) GUISetState() While 1> Switch GUIGetMsg() Case $bInfo MsgBox(64,"About: 3ICE's AoKcheater","This tool was made by 3ICE to spam cheats in AoE2."&@CRLF&@CRLF& "Do not turn on too many cheats at the same time."&@CRLF&@CRLF&"Press a key to start spamming that cheat, press it again to stop." &@CRLF&"A good starting key sequence is: 500112233)"&@CRLF&"Clipboardspam (Num4) is much faster than the rest."&@CRLF&@CRLF& "Download:") Case $bPanic Panic() Case $bClose ExitLoop Case Else ;DoNoting :) EndSwitch WEnd Func Wood() $panic=0 $wood=NOT $wood While $wood Send("{ENTER}Lumberjack{ENTER}") WEnd EndFunc Func Food() $panic=0 $food=NOT $food While $food Send("{ENTER}Cheese steak Jimmy's{ENTER}") WEnd EndFunc Func Gold() $panic=0 $gold=NOT $gold While $gold Send("{ENTER}Robin Hood{ENTER}") WEnd EndFunc Func Stone() $panic=0 $stone=NOT $stone While $stone Send("{ENTER}Rock on{ENTER}") WEnd EndFunc Func Spam() $panic=0 $spam=NOT $spam While $spam Send("{ENTER}^v{ENTER}") WEnd EndFunc Func Fog() $panic=0 Send("{ENTER}Marco{ENTER}{ENTER}Polo{ENTER}") EndFunc Func Build() $panic=0 Send("{ENTER}Aegis{ENTER}") EndFunc Func Saboteur() $panic=0 $saboteur=NOT $saboteur While $saboteur Send("{ENTER}To Smithereens{ENTER}") WEnd EndFunc Func Car() $panic=0 $car=NOT $car While $car Send("{ENTER}How do you turn this on{ENTER}") WEnd EndFunc Func Win() $panic=0 Send("{ENTER}I r Winner{ENTER}") EndFunc Func Panic() $wood=0 $food=0 $gold=0 $stone=0 $spam=0 $fog=0 $build=0 $saboteur=0 $car=0 $panic=NOT $panic If NOT $panic Then Send("{ENTER}About: 3ICE's AoKCheater{ENTER}{ENTER}This tool was made by 3ICE to spam cheats in AoK.{ENTER}{ENTER} Do not turn on too many cheats at the same time.{ENTER}{ENTER}Press a key to start spamming that cheat, press it again to stop. {ENTER}{ENTER}A good starting key sequence is: 500112233){ENTER}{ENTER}Spam (Num4) is much faster than the rest, so CTRL{+}C a cheat{!} {ENTER}{ENTER}Download:{ENTER}") EndIf EndFunc