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Send this link to your friends: http://www.3ice.hu/dirty/trick.html to annoy the fuck out of them.
There is a tougher version that forces you to close* your browser: http://www.3ice.hu/dirty/trick2.html
* Not really, but it will only stop after 500 clicks on the OK button. And research shows that people are not this patient.

If you are interested in Warcraft III map making, please stay on this site. I promose no more annoyances! Come in.

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If you want to read the script again:

WARNING! Only 18 years+ may enter.
Seriously. This area is 18+ Are you sure you are 18?
Press OK only if you are 18+.
I don't believe you.
Oh so can I see your ID?
Yeah... Just hold it against your screen for a moment.
Wow! You look silly!
Ok I need to determine your gender.
Yes. I determined you are:
Either Male or Female.
Now take off your clothes.
You can only enter the page naked!
I'm not joking! Take them off! TAKE THEM OFF!
You really can only enter if you are naked.
Sorry, we cannot proceed...
Oh my god! Dress back up quickly!
Don't ever undress again!
You scared me to death!
You want to hear a joke?
Hmm by the way I have discovered that you only know the OK button?!
Can you give me some cash?
Yes, just hold your credit card in front of the monitor.
Wait a minute, I'll have your cash soon.
Ok, got it.
You can remove your card now.
Oh yes, the joke...
Why would a web surfer come here?
You don't know?
Because someone tricked him! HAHA.
Keep clicking... :)
You have to keep clicking until it ends.
Yep yep.
Yeah this means that you are stuck here.
Or until I want you to leave.
But that is unlikely :)
I cannot tell when I will let you go.
Since you are stuck here, I'll tell you a story.
I guess you'd like to hear one?
You know... I only do this so you stay longer.
So, this is our story:
Once upon a time, there was a man *sorry, 'kid'* who was addicted to the internet.
And this idiot always hung around on the web, every day and night.
Sounds familiar?
His parents told him to stop his madness, but he didn't listen.
But once, he found a strange webpage.
That webpage made him really mad.
And he never again browsed the internet.
Hehe -)
Guess which page was it?
Yes! This one.
I think you want to ask what's the point of this page.
Nothing. Really.
But maybe... Maybe there is one little reason for this page to exist.
You wanna hear?
Yeah you want to... But only because you are still stuck here and want to go.
This page is a series of useless clicks.
But you have already guessed this didn't you?
Hey, you know what?
If you want to fuck someone over...
Send them a link to this page!
That'd be funny wouldn't it?
You can make them upset like you are now.
So send this link to all of your friends:
Let them suffer too.
Okay, I'll let you go now.
WAIT! I'll tell you another story first.
Hehe I was just kidding.
You feel pretty upset now?
Ain't my fault! Why the hell did you come here?
You are browsing too much.
You suffer because you browse too much.
Think it over again. Realize this is funny.
Will this ever end?
I don't think so.
Maybe it will.
Maybe it won't.
OK, sorry. I don't want to hurt you any further. Please accept my sincere apologies and enter.